“Global Time Bomb” First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; “viral RNA found in every organ of the body”

viral RNA found in every organ of the body

By Hal Turner Radio

The first-ever autopsy of a person vaccinated against COVID-19, who tested negative 18 days later upon hospital admission but at 24 days after the VAX, has revealed viral RNA was found in almost every organ of the body.  The vaccine, while triggering an immune response, DID NOT STOP the virus from entering every organ in the body.

The viral RNA was found in virtually every organ in the body, which means the spike proteins as well.

There are antibodies (like the “vaccine” is supposed to create) but they’re irrelevant because, based on a study from Japan, we now know that the spike S1 protein is what does the damage.

We spoke to one Infectious Disease specialist from a hospital in New Jersey this morning.  We sent the actual autopsy findings to him and asked for his thoughts.

When he called back a while later, he was clearly shaken-up.   He told us “You cannot quote me by name, I will get fired by the hospital if you do.”   We agreed to conceal his identity.

He then told us:

“People think that only a MINORITY of people get adverse effects from the vaccine.

Based on this new research, it means that everyone – EVENTUALLY -will have adverse effects, because those spike proteins will be binding to ACE2 receptors everywhere in the body.  

That mRNA was supposed to stay in the injection site and it’s not.  That means the spike proteins created by the mRNA will be in every organ as well, and we now know it is the spike proteins that do the damage.

Worse, the viral RNA being found in every organ despite a vaccine, indicates either:

1) The vaccine doesn’t work at all, OR;

2) The virus is enjoying Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), meaning it actually spreads FASTER in vaccinated people.


According to the published postmortem report, the vaccinated man was 86 years old and tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19 when first admitted to the hospital with severe gastro-intestinal trouble and difficulty breathing. Here is what the reports describes:

We report on an 86-year-old male resident of a retirement home who received vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Past medical history included systemic arterial hypertension, chronic venous insufficiency, dementia and prostate carcinoma. On January 9, 2021, the man received lipid nanoparticle-formulated, nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine BNT162b2 in a 30 μg dose. On that day and in the following 2 weeks, he presented with no clinical symptoms (Table 1). On day 18, he was admitted to hospital for worsening diarrhea. Since he did not present with any clinical signs of COVID-19, isolation in a specific setting did not occur. Laboratory testing revealed hypochromic anemia and increased creatinine serum levels. Antigen test and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for SARS-CoV-2 were negative.

The report of the postmortem makes clear tests showed “no morphological changes associated with COVID” in his organs. 

“Morphological” means structural.  COVID infection is now known to cause very specific structural changes to the places it infects.  THOSE CHANGES HAD NOT APPEARED in the vaccinated man before he died.

The now dead vaccinated man was in a room where another patient ultimately tested POSTIVE for COVID, and the report states they think the dead vaccinated man caught COVID after he was admitted, from the other patient in the same room.

So the damage to the organs of the now dead vaccine recipient, took place BEFORE he was infected with COVID by the other hospital room patient.

Worse, once the vaccinated man actually got COVID, it spread so fast within his body, he apparently never stood a chance.  Here are tissue images:


The full postmortem report is published at ScienceDirect.com (HERE)


I am not a Doctor or a Scientist so I cannot offer a competent medical analysis, but as a layman, from where I sit, this doesn’t look so good.

The Postmortem report says clearly “ These results indicate that the patient had already developed relevant immunogenicity through vaccination” yet he got infected by another patient at day 24 (after vax) upon being admitted to the hospital, and died 4 days later.

If one reads the entire article, the whole story is: Patient was given the vaccine, it got him hospitalized with ulcerative colitis due to blood clots, during his hospitalization he got infected by an asymptomatic hospital room mate, and died 4 days later.

My conclusion: the jab drove this elderly man to his end.

I might be wrong, but this is what I see from the postmortem report.

I have **not** taken the vax and I do not intend to take it.   

Throughout this entire COVID debacle, the one constant is that the disease has a 99.8% SURVIVAL rate.   To me, it’s not a pandemic.  To me it’s not even worth getting a vaccine; I think my immune system will handle it just fine.

Given all the adverse reactions to the vax, I now firmly conclude that getting the vax is a far more dangerous thing than getting the actual illness.

God gave me an immune system.  I think I will trust God on this.  After all, I truly believe I will not live one micro-second longer than God wants, and conversely, I will not die one micro-second sooner than God wants.

Faith is not “belief without proof”  it is “trust without reservation.”  I trust God.


This couple’s step-son, age 32, died from a heart attack 12 hours after getting the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine.  Coroner refuses to release reports; calls cause of death “inconclusive.”   A lot of these deaths are simply being covered up.   Here’s the family to tell you:

Shocking if true… pic.twitter.com/kd7E8LoGCC — Heidegger (@heidegger79) June 13, 2021

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Source: Hal Turner Radio


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7 thoughts on ““Global Time Bomb” First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; “viral RNA found in every organ of the body”

  1. Oh shoot—this is traveling fast. There are people out there who I’m not sure of anymore who are going to know this started with me. Oh well.

    I’ve been working to prevent just this sort of thing for 3+ years since I became aware of all these nefarious dealings. People think this all started with COVID. It did not—they took out my babies in the 1970s.

    April 6, 1974

    Human Experimentation has been rampant for a century or more. I’m nearly 70 and had my arm irradiated when just weeks old. The muscle was melted away.

    An extremely important thing to understand is that RNA can and does affect DNA. It’s been lied about for way too long. I call it The Domino Effect and write something about it here:

    The Domino Effect and Polθ reverse transcribes RNA and DNA Destruction

    I’ve been putting out this list for a few months now. I first regurgitated this in an email to a top researcher. And I did regurgitate—I was angry—at researchers who don’t speak out.

    • I hypothesize the shots were created to deliberately infect people and infect others in turn.

    • I hypothesize an explosion of cancers and autoimmune are on the horizon—and more…

    • I hypothesize the shots were never intended to help—they were always intended to hurt.

    • I hypothesize the spike protein never existed outside a lab until now—when people were given the shots and genetically modified to produce it.

    • I believe it would be easy to prove this in a lab.

    • I also believe this will never be done.

    I surmise it has always been known these shots will harm people and destroy many lives—like the shots my babies [and so many others] received in the 70s destroyed ours.


    This has to stop—NOW.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a nurse practitioner, and when I evaluated the ingredients of the “injections,” in light of the dictionary definition of the word, “vaccine,” being changed in 2020, I realized that this is NOT a vaccine at all, but more akin to bio-warfare.

    Give me a healthy diet, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin, and I will trust my own immune system, thank you!

    I’m not ready for Nanoparticles, spike proteins and mRNA, which are specifically designed to “kill, steal and destroy.”
    It almost sounds like the creators of these injections are seeking to create Zombies.

    • Who has “the Cloud” ☁️ access to all these people, and their personal data?
    • Who has control of sending nano-instructions to billions of people through the Cloud?

    There’s certainly some Wizard of Oz behind a curtain somewhere — for the “ga-zillions of Nanoparticles injected into unsuspecting masses” of individuals.
    I have the definite feeling it’s not their own healthcare providers!


  3. Spike Proteins, whether they cause platelet abnormalities and clotting/ clumping, or they negatively impact ACE2 in the all the major organ systems, it’s know that death can and will occur, in a matter of time, as caused by the ingredients of the injections.

    ALL of the injections “designed to prevent COVID infections” have SPIKE PROTEINS.
    Which makes them actually designed to kill ☠️, rather than being designed to heal, or prevent illness, disease and death.

    If this information is suppressed, like so much other truth has been suppressed, then deaths will be attributed to COVID, rather than Vaccine Adverse Events —

    Those who’ve “drank the Koolaid”
    won’t read it anyway. My own physician scoffs at my request for his to review the Nuremberg Code principles.

    ThIs is NUREMBERG 2021 — on a scale mankind can’t even fathom. Even if it’s not classified as an EXPERIMENT under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), INFORMED CONSENT is still being violated, and information has been withheld from people to make appropriate informed decisions.

    This is clearly Bio-Warfare in WWIII.

    It’s no “accident.”


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