Moscow warns Ankara of “inevitable consequences” for attack on Su-24

According to the Russian data, the plane did not violate Turkey’s airspace as it was flying in Syria’s airspace and was shot down over Syria.

Kremlin stresses that Russia is not threatening Turkey with military consequences for shooting down Su-24 combat aircraft, but warned of “inevitable consequences“.

…of course, I would not [speak about it] — and the president, in fact, was not talking about any military implications and we should proceed from that,” the Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
The president refrained from such statements, but at the same time, of course, he stressed inevitability of consequences after such unfriendly actions of the Turkish side,” he said.
No decision yet on Erdogan’s visit to Russia in December
The visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russia scheduled for December will depend on a number of factors, Peskov added.

No decision on this has been taken yet,” the Kremlin spokesman said. “The visit undoubtedly will depend on a number of factors.”

Turkey provides no proof Russian Su-24 violated its airspace

According to Peskov, Turkey has provided no evidence to prove that the Russian Su-24 bomber violated its airspace.

He said once Turkey had provided no proof Russia relied on its data that the warplane had not violated Turkey’s airspace.

When asked whether Ankara had offered any official proof of its claims that the Russian warplane had violated its airspace, he answered in the negative.

We rely on data from out defense specialists who know all the parameters of the downed plane’s flight,” Peskov said. “These data show that the plane was flying in Syria’s airspace and was shot down over Syria.

Source: TASS. Russian News Agency

Turkey’s attack on Russian warplanes proves Turkey is backing terrorists

The Russian Su-24 jet was downed when it was returning from a combat mission against terrorists’ targets in Syria
Turkey’s attack on a Russian warplane in Syria demonstrates that Turkey is backing terrorists and violates Syria’s sovereignty, SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying on Tuesday.

The Russian Su-24 jet was downed when it was returning from a combat mission against terrorists’ targets in Syria.
The General Command of the [Syrian] Army and stresses that the desperate acts of aggression will only increase our determination to continue the war against the terrorist organizations with the support and help of Syria’s friends, mainly Russia,” SANA said.

A Russian Su-24 frontline bomber was downed by an air-to-air missile launched from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet when it was returning from an anti-terrorist mission to the Hmeymim airbase in Syria. The warplane was at an altitude of 6,000 meters at a distance on one kilometer from the Turkish border. The Defense Ministry said earlier that pilots had managed to eject from the aircraft. Their whereabouts were being established.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said the downed Su-24 was no threat to Turkey as it was on a mission to bomb Islamic State targets. “It was a stab in the back,” Putin said. The Russian president warned that attack on the Russian warplane would have “serious consequences” for the Russian-Turkish relations.

Source: TASS. Russian News Agency

Russia expects NATO to provide explanations over Turkey’s downing Russian jet

Nikolay Levichev notes that for the first time after the end of the Cold War a NATO member state had “deliberately downed” a Russian warplane

Russian expects NATO to provide explanations over the today’s incident when Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet in Syria, a Russian lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Turkey is a NATO member and we expect explanations not only from the Turkish authorities but also from the North Atlantic Alliance,” Nikolay Levichev, a deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma lower parliament house with the A Just Russia Party, was quoted by the party’s press service as saying.
He noted that for the first time after the end of the Cold War a NATO member state had “deliberately downed” a Russian warplane. “We cannot consider it as anything but an act of aggression. We must response to this attack with adequate but tough measures,” he stressed.

Turkey, in his words, has completely associated itself with the Islamic State [a terrorist organization outlawed in Russia] by shooting down a Russian warplane. “Judging by the information coverage of the incident by the Turkish side, it was a deliberate provocation,” he said.
Earlier on Tuesday, Levichev asked the head of the Federal Aviation Agency to consider banning flights to Turkey following Tuesday’s crash of a Russian Su-24 military jet.

I am asking you to consider total and immediate termination of air communications between Russia and Turkey until exhausting measures are taken to get rid of any possible sources of terrorist threat at Turkish airports,” Levichev said.
A Russian Su-24 warplane was downed by an air-to-air missile launched from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet when it was at an altitude of 6,000 meters at a distance on one kilometer from the Turkish border. The Defense Ministry said earlier that pilots had managed to eject from the aircraft. Their whereabouts were being established. Later, the Defense Ministry said the jet had been downed when it was returning to the Hmeymim airbase.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said the downed Su-24 was no threat to Turkey as it was on a mission to bomb Islamic State targets. The Russian president warned that attack on the Russian warplane would have “serious consequences” for the Russian-Turkish relations.

Source: TASS. Russian News Agency

‘This is for Paris’: Russian pilots write messages of support for terror victims on their bombs before launching latest air raids and cruise missile strikes against ISIS

Russian military are inscribing ‘For Paris’ on bombs destined for targets in Syria, in solidarity with the victims of the attacks in the French capital.
A video posted online today by the Defence Minister also shows a member of ground crew writing ‘For Ours’ on a bomb at Russia’s Hmeymim airbase.

Pilots and technicians of Hmeymim airbase have sent their message to terrorists by priority airmail,’ said a caption accompanying the post.
Russia also unleashed cruise missiles from warships in the Caspian Sea at targets across Syria, as Moscow kept up its intensified bombardments in the already war-torn country.

Moscow fired 18 missiles from ships in its Caspian Sea fleet at seven targets in the Raqqa, Idlib and Aleppo provinces, according to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.
It was the second time that warships have been used since the start of the bombing campaign on September 30.
Moscow has stepped up its strikes in Syria with long-distance bombers after confirming for the first time on Tuesday that a bomb downed a Russian airliner in Egypt last month, killing all 224 people on board.

President Vladimir Putin was told in a briefing by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu that cruise missile strikes against one target near the ISIS-controlled city of Deir Ezzor had killed ‘more than 600 fighters’.
But it was not specified when the strike had taken place.
Minister Shoigu also told President Putin that Russian planes destroyed 15 oil refining and storage facilities in Syria and 525 trucks carrying oil during this week’s bombing blitz.

He said this deprived ISIS of $1.5million (£990,000) in daily income from oil sales.
At least eight people were killed in at least 50 air strikes in the eastern Deir Ezzor province today, during which dozens of oil tankers were destroyed, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Britain-based Observatory said it had documented at least 50 strikes in different parts of the oil-rich province, large parts of which are controlled by ISIS.
It said dozens of oil tankers and other vehicles used for transporting crude-oil had been destroyed.
This is the first time Deir Ezzor has experienced strikes of this intensity,’ the monitor said.

Russia has also doubled the number of jets it has based in government-held territory in Syria to 69 over the past few days, Shoigu said.
Putin praised the Russian operation in Syria but said it was ‘still not sufficient’ to wipe out the jihadists in the country and that a ‘large volume of work’ lay ahead.
Russia is bombing in Syria at the request of its longstanding ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while a US-led coalition is conducting its own air campaign against ISIS.

Russian politicians have said the Paris attack underscores the need for the West and the Kremlin to bury their differences and join forces to take on militants in Syria.
President Putin has discussed cooperating on fighting ISIS during his meetings with President Barack Obama and other Western leaders at the sidelines of the Group of 20 rich and developing nations in Turkey this week.

French President Francois Hollande is set to travel to Washington and Moscow next week for talks on joint military action against ISIS, and Mr Putin has already ordered the military to cooperate with the French.
Russia’s now four-day bombing blitz against the terror group has been relentless.

Moscow flew more than 100 combat sorties on Thursday, following 126 the day before.
Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov said that Russian warplanes were focusing their strikes on the ISIS oil production and refining facilities as well as oil trucks.
Paris also launched air strikes against ISIS’s Syrian stronghold in Raqqa this week, following attacks that killed 130 people in the French capital.
But France was forced to dismiss Russian suggestions today that the air strikes were illegal, insisting they were ‘an appropriate and necessary riposte’ to attacks by ISIS.

France has called for Assad to step down after a political transition, and its Western allies have criticised Moscow for mostly focusing its raids in Syria against Western-backed rebel groups.

Source: Daily Mail

Россия сбросила на боевиков бомбы с надписями «За Париж» и «За наших»

На бомбах, сброшенных российской авиацией на позиции террористов в Сирии, было написано «За наших» и «За Париж». Соответствующее видео опубликовано на странице Минобороны России на YouTube.
«Летчики и техники с авиабазы Хмеймим авиапочтой отправили свое послание террористам», — говорится в тексте, сопровождающем видеозапись.

Ранее министр обороны России Сергей Шойгу доложил президенту Владимиру Путину, что 29 самолетов дальней и бомбардировочной авиации нанесли удары со стороны Каспийского моря по объектам боевиков. Помимо этого, как сообщил глава Минобороны, корабли Каспийской флотилии совершили пуск 18 крылатых ракет по семи целям позиций террористов.

Надписи касаются двух терактов, совершенных «Исламским государством» (деятельность организации запрещена в РФ). Первый произошел 31 октября, когда российский самолет A321 потерпел крушение на Синайском полуострове. Ответственность за произошедшее дважды взяла на себя ИГИЛ; позже причастность террористов к крушению самолета подтвердил глава ФСБ Александр Бортников. Второй произошел в ночь на 14 ноября в Париже, когда террористы «Исламского государства» совершили серию нападений, в результате которых погибли, по последним данным, 130 человек, более 300 получили ранения

Source: RBC.

Putin Exposes 40 Nations that Financed ISIS, Including G20 Leaders

Putin revealed, during the G20 summit, the 40 countries from which ISIS finances the majority of their terrorist activities.

The list reportedly included a number of G20 countries.
I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them,” Putin told reporters.
In addition to discussing the need to stop the flow of donor money to ISIS, Putin also reiterated the need to stop the illegal oil trade by ISIS.

(Watch VIDEO)

Source: Conservative Post

Putin exposes obama’s paid isis mercenaries in middle east and syria

President PutinIn a press conference at the Valdai Discussion Club 2014 in answer to a question to a United States Journalist, President Vladimir Putin addressed his concerns regarding the US and their role in the middle east and ISIS. Although the film footage of the press conference has been banned, Live leaks released a copy of the press conference to the public.
The words of Putin are transcribed below word for word from the video originally provided by  Inessa S.
The press and mainstream news has been avoiding this information. It is a scathing , diplomatic account of Russia’s position on the politic behavior and actions in the middle east regarding Syria and ISIS, as well as a reprimand to our press who have failed to do their job.

Putin’s complete oration to the US Journalists:
First point. I never said that I view the US as a threat to our national security. President Obama, as you said, views Russia as a threat, but I don’t feel the same way about the US. What I do feel is that the politics of those in the circles of power, if I may use those terms, the politics of those in power is erroneous. It not only contradicts our national interests, it undermines any trust we had in the United States. And in that way it actually harms the United states as well.
Undermined trust, with the understanding that they are one of the global leaders in politics and in matters of the economy.
I can stay silent on many things, but as I always say, and Dominic here has mentioned it, “one sided actions” in the continuous search for the next “alliance” and coalitions which are predetermined – this is not a method that seeks to discus and agree on mutual grounds of understanding. These are one sided actions. They are carried out all the time. They lead to crises.

I’ve said this before, another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS. Well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political information and climate that facilitated this situation?
Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area? Do you really not understand who is fighting in Syria?
They are mercenaries mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for which ever side pays more. So they arm them and pay them a certain amount. I even know what these amounts are. So they fight. They have the arms. You can’t get them to return the weapons of course, at the end.
Then they discover elsewhere pays a little more…so they go fight there. Then they occupy the oil fields.
Where ever in Iraq, Syria, they start extracting the oil and this oil is purchased by somebody. Where are the sanctions on the parties purchasing this oil?
Do you believe the US does not know who is buying it? Is it not their allies that are buying oil from Isis? Do you not think the US has the power to influence their allies? Or is the point that they indeed do not wish to influence them?
Then why bomb ISIS? In areas they started extracting oil and paying mercenaries more in theose areas the rebels from “civilized” Syrian opposition forces immediately join ISIS, because they pay more. I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics. It is not grounded on facts, in the real world.

We must support civilized, democratic opposition in Syria. So you support, arm them, and then tomorrow they join ISIS. Can they not think a step ahead? We don’t stand for this kind of politics of the US. We consider it to be wrong. It harms all parties, including you (USA).
When it comes to the consideration of our national interests I would really like it if people like you (US journalists) who posed the questions, would one day head your government. Maybe then we can somehow reverse the situation.
If that doesn’t happen, I will at least ask you to deliver my messages to your government. To the President of the United States, the Vice President, and all other relevant people. Tell them that we do not want or look for any confrontation whatsoever. When you start to consider our national interests in your actions, any other disagreements we may have they will self-regulate. This needs to be done, not just talked about. You must consider the interests of others, and you must respect other people.

You cannot “squeeze” others having considered only the benefits that you require from whatever… in economies, in your military activities, in everything. Look at Iraq the situation is terrible. Look at Libya and what you did there, that got your ambassador murdered.

Was it us that did this?
You even had a security council decision to establish a no fly zone. What for? It was so that Gaddafi’s air force couldn’t fly over and bomb the rebels. This wasn’t the smartest decision, but okay… what did you proceed to do yourselves? You started bombing the territory. This is in clear contravention of the security council resolution. It is even outright aggression over a state. Was it us that did this? You did this with your bare hands.
And it ended with the murder of your Ambassador. Who’s fault is it? It is your fault. Is it a good result that your Ambassador was murdered? It is actually a terrible catastrophe.
But do not look around for somebody to blame when it is you making these mistakes. You must do the opposite; rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. Do not poison the consciousness of millions of people like there can be no other way but imperialistic politics.

We will never forget our relationship when we supported the US in the war of independence (civil war). We will never forget that we collaborated in both world wars as allies. I personally believe that the geo strategic interests of Russia and the US are essentially the same. We must focus on this interrelationship.

Written by Dianne Marshall
The following video was translated by Inessa S .  A grateful thank you to Inessa S. for all her effort to get this news out to the people.
Published on Sep 25, 2015 by Inessa
In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc are less pressing issues.)%)))
It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.
In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.
I’m not affiliated to them but I encourage those interested in Eurasian politics to follow Valdai on Facebook, for truthful insights with leading experts.

Source: The Marshall Report