Military Op rescues tortured children from tunnels beneath Capitol Hill

US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC on Fri. 29 Jan. In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow.

The children were believed to have been abused, tortured and killed by political elites in an elaborate tunnel system that ran beneath Capitol Hill and connected to other systems for 200 miles. All was thought part of an international Child Trafficking Ring run by global and political elites with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island – that lay next door to Biden’s Water Island.

Source: US Special Op forces

President Trump: “The case has been made – You’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days” (video)

Never bet against me
Never bet against me

By Jim Hoft

President Trump spoke with liberal reporters today at the White House after he honored US wrestling champion and Iowa Hawkey wrestling coach Dan Gable.

President Trump did not appear worried at all.

President Trump told reporters, “It’s a disgrace to our country. It’s like a third world country. These ballots pouring in from everywhere using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about. They have glitches that aren’t glitches. They got caught sending out thousands of votes. All against me by the way. You know this was like from a third world nation. And I think the case has been made and now we find out what we can do about it. But you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days.


— anonymous patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@anonpatriotq) December 7, 2020

Trump:”you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days.” Trump doesn’t seem worried at all. He’s very sure and confident that he will stay in the White House. The bomb is about to explode and Biden’s imaginary victory will soon vanish into thin air.

— Cesare Sacchetti (@CesareSacchetti) December 7, 2020

Source: The Gateway Pundit

“80 Million Votes”: Sidney Powell drops bombshell prediction about the finalized 2020 Election

Attorney Sidney Powell
Attorney Sidney Powell

By Collin Rugg

During an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday evening, attorney of General Michael Flynn Sidney Powell made a bold prediction about the finalized results of the 2020 election, predicting that President Donald Trump will end up with “at least 80 million votes.”

And the will of the people in this country was that Donald Trump win in a landslide,” Powell said during the interview. “If we can get to the bottom of it, and I am determined to do that, I think we’ll find he had at least 80 million votes.”

The only reason the glitches happened in the system is because he was so, had so far many more votes than they had calculated in advance,” she continued. “Their algorithms wouldn’t perform the functions they had originally performed that were set to perform.  They couldn’t make up the vote count.  He gotten so many hundreds of thousands more than they planned.  So that’s when they had to stop the counting and come up with a way to back-fill votes or destroy votes for Trump while they fabricated votes for Biden.”

Powell has been on the front lines of the battle for the 2020 election. During a bombshell interview on Sunday morning with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Powell dropped several bombs on the 2020 election and President Trump’s chances of maintaining the White House.

We’re fixin’ to overturn the results of the election in multiple states, and President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose,” Powell said. “We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections.  He was fully briefed on it.  He saw it happen in other countries. It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind Smartmatic and Dominion.”

They did this on purpose. It was calculated and they’ve done it before,” she continued. “We have evidence from 2016 in California. We have so much evidence I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.”

During the same interview, Powell also unloaded on CIA Director Gina Haspel, claiming that she may have known about the flaws in the Dominion voting systems.

It’s really an insidious, corrupt system and I can’t tell you how livid I am at our government for not paying attention to complaints, even brought by Democrats…” she said. “No one in our government has paid any attention to it which makes me wonder if the CIA has used it for its own benefit in different places. And why Gina Haspel is still there in the CIA is beyond my comprehension. She should be fired immediately.”

Attorney Sidney Powell: Trump Had Up to 80 Million Votes

Source: Trendig Politics

Bombshell Report: Obama, Clinton, Soros, Biden, Mattis and Harris are covertly leading the Coup against Trump and the American People

Obama Game over
Obama Game over

By Dave Hodges

Since leaving office, Obama has been busy. He plans to return to the White House as a conquerer. Obama is the Benedict Arnold of our generation and unlike Arnold, Obama has been successful in developing a revolutionary force consisting of existing military that is loyal to Obama, paramilitary groups of terrorists and the Communist Chinese and the United Nations that will one day cross American borders and drive a dagger into the heart America. Who is the leader of this Maoist organization that is leading this coup against Trump and the American people? It is former president Obama.

Whenever Americans ask, “How did American protestors spring into action so quickly after a shooting by police?  Since leaving office, Obama has been busy, very busy and he is doing the bidding of George Soros in terms of organizing deadly riots and he is doing it with his own personal army, just like Stalin and just like Mao. Let’s start at the beginning: Do you remember this declaration by Obama that is contained in the video listed below? This is the answer to the question as to how the radicals are deployed so quickly after a shooting event by police personnel. Obama’s original revolutionary force consists of the group, Organizing for Action (OFA) and they are at the heart of the terrorism in many American cities controlled by Democrats and Obama is directing this group. 

The OFA, “Just As Well-Trained, Just As Well Funded As the Military”

If there is a coup prior to the election, or, if a move is made on Trump during election night, this group will be the one likely to spring into action. And before you dismiss this as an impossibility, please realize this is Obama’s private army. Do you remember this campaign promise to build a private Maoist-style Army? Well, it has been fulfilled. This was reported and questioned before, but nobody listened. Perhaps, now, it is time to pay attention. 

The Path to Treason and a Coup Against Trump

In Obama’s post-presidency activities, he’s been busy. He has his self-described bunker only 2 miles from Trump at the White House, but he also has his new California homes, both in Palm Springs and Northern California where he, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, are directing the ongoing CALEXIT movement to withdraw California from the Union and place it under the control of the United Nations. 

Deep State operative, Obama, wasn’t just staying behind in Washington in 2017, he has been planning a return. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the Trump administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

The OFA has been readying for civil war, with international funding and an organization with more than 250 offices.

Deep cover insider sources have told the CSS that since 2017, a secretive, but very well funded revolutionary army exists and they are responsible for fueling the violence in Democratic cities. I am told that this the primary organization is the OFA and they are behind Antifa and BLM. This certainly helps to explain why Democratic mayors like Portland’s Ted Wheelers, marches arm in arm with the rioters as he and other Democratic operatives have aligned with Obama’s OFA. Wheeler, in effect is cavorting with Obama’s cultural revolution army, as this extremely well-funded and powerful group of communist agitators have stepped-up the recruitment of young liberal, hard-core and violent activists. Their website mantra, now removed, at one time stated that “We’re not backing down.” Their stated goals were at one-time was listed as follows:

  • 1. Build a revolutionary response to dangerous populism and populists.
  • 2. Establish clear militaristic lines of demarcation from Trump’s immigration policies. 
  • 3. Exacerbate and call extreme attention to race relations. In other words, this group is successfully manufacturing a race war inside of the United States. 
  • 4. Support every aspect of climate change. Please note that it was Obama, under the leadership of would-be senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett (with her families membership in the Iranian-based Muslim Brotherhood), who set up the world’s first climate exhange organization, called the Chicago Climate Exchange, before Obama was elected this nation’s president, he was dabbling in carbon credits. Every radical move made by Obama was scripted long before he was elected. 

The OFA, as stated, are the primary organization that is directing the activities of Antifa. They are supplying manpower for rioting in Lousville, Kenosha, Milwauke, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle.

A federal law enforcement source told me that this group is the link between the CHICOMS who have penetrated this nation’s security and the rioters. The CHICOMS, under the auspices of the OFA are actually training the on-the-ground forces in Portland and Lousiville (do you remember the intercept of CHICOM weapons, all 10,000, in Lousiville a few months ago?). 

The CSS has learned that Obama, a former community organizer from Chicago, is doing what he does best. He is leading this revolutionary group, personally. After Trump’s defeat of Clinton, he was tweeting directions to the revolutionaries of the OFA.  Obama was intimately involved in OFA operations and even tweets from the group’s account. In fact, he gave marching orders to OFA foot soldiers following Trump’s upset victory in which Obama tweeted, “Now is the time for some organizing, so don’t mope.” The first action for OFA’s activities following Trump’s election was to fo to the nation’s airports and protest the Wall and claim Trump was a racist for wanting to ban immigration from sevent terrorists Muslim countries. This not a small group, one former FBI agent told the CSS that they have an estimated 50,000 terrorists on call with access to more thanks to the suspected funding of leftists like George Soros. American corporations have donated more than a billion dollars of donations to BLM, who in turn is accused of funding the OFA. This money has been translated into riots in Democratic Party controlled cities.

Do you remember Obama’s Acorn thugs that intimidated voters in 2008? The OFA’s organization is much bigger and packs a much bigger punch and we can expect widespread violence on November 3rd. Remember, this is an organization with deep ties to Communist China. This is the same network of revolutionaires that is part of the international political mechanism that allowed the Bidens to sell F-35 technology to the CHICOMS in Wuhan, of all places. Don’t blink, Clinton and Gore did the same with the CHICOMS in the 90’s with Silkworm Missile Technology and the MSM covered this up as well.

The events discussed in this article was something that CSS researcher, Alexandra Daley, and myself exposed over two years ago. We suspect that in that same year, 2015, that Hunter Biden delivered the Wuhan virus to the same location on Air Force One. Federal investigators should take a close look the high suicide rate of Air Force One’s personnel who would have transported this material aboard the plane. The rioters, the funding for the rioters, the pre-storing of massive weapons caches, the treason of Bidens with China and Ukraine, the spin-off child-sex trafficking activities of Hunter Biden, under the auspices of his father (ie Air Force Two) who materially supported these activities, are all a part of this operation. The laptop of Hunter Biden is only part of this massive criminal cartel operation.

The Russian Collusion-Delusion Steele Dossier Crew and the Ukranian Traitor Group Are One In the Same

This information that is on the laptop that the social media and mainstream media do not want you, the public, to see is damning and is being directed by both Obama and Clinton. They brought you the Steele Dossier and now they are bringing you Ukranian corrupion involving our enemies in the single greatest treason in the history of the country. And do you want the real bombshell? Part of this operation not only includes Romney, John Kerry’s stepson, etc., it also includes General Mattis. This is why Mattis was fired and why he has turned on Trump. Mattis is the most dangerous element in this group of revolutionaries. Mattis has allegedly been busy trying to organize a military coup against Trump, with former Obama apponted officers in his military purge. This has been Mattis’ job  since his departure from the Trump administration when he was fired for undermining Trump

One action item of OFA was the rapid distribution of rioters following the death of George Floyd. Everyone in the alt media believed it was due to the actions of George Soros, however, that is only partially correct. I have consulted with some federal type sources and some have advised me to not to be the one to release this information. I have had elements of this story for over two years and with the infamous laptop incident, which is 100% true, the worst thing I could do would be to hold onto the information, as did Breitbart.  

Please remember that these events parallel Biden and Harris’ collaboration with Middle Eastern terrorists along with their announced plans to reinstitute the Iran nuclear deal which was covered in yesterday’s article. There is much more to come in this saga. The American public is only seeing the surface details. 

Source: The Common Sense Show

The Biden campaign is hiding Kamala Harris from the public – Here’s why

Hiding Kamala Harris
Hiding Kamala Harris

The Joe Biden campaign has been keeping vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris out of the public eye and voters need to ask themselves why?

There is a myriad of reasons why the campaign would want to keep Biden under wraps – to conceal his rapidly diminishing mental acuity, to hide the policy flip-flops, and to cover-up the reality that he is simply a puppet of the extreme left.

But Harris is a different story. She earned a historic nomination as the first woman of color officially nominated to a major party’s presidential ticket.

Democrats should be celebrating her as a symbol of their diversity. Instead, we get this … a refusal to take questions from a black business owner in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Not Very Popular

Peter Schweizer, author of Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, offers up several explanations as to why Kamala may be being kept in the basement like her running mate.

Schweizer tells Breitbart News that while the campaign may be trying to convince voters that the duo is out of the public eye due to COVID restrictions, some believe it may be due to Biden’s health.

I think a lot of observers believe that it has more to do with the health of Joe Biden, [and] the fact that he’s highly vulnerable, but also there are questions about his performance when he does do speeches,” he said.

But Biden has been touting his veep selection as capable of taking over the role of the presidency on day one, and it would likely help Democrat voters to know that somebody with some level of awareness is in the White House.

Schweizer’s other theory is a little more understandable – radical socialists are not popular with the American people.

She’s not terribly popular, [and] she doesn’t poll well,” he observed. “Recall when she dropped out [before] the presidential primary in her own state of California. She was polling something like eight percent.”

Harris’s political positions undermine Biden’s decades of positioning as a “moderate” Democrat, Schweizer explained, further necessitating the Biden team’s lessening of Harris’s role in the Democrats’ presidential campaign.

Biden had hoped to energize black support by picking Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate, but not all black voters are convinced.

Black Philadelphia Pastor Carl Day said Harris’ nomination “definitely looks like pandering as usual.”

Too Radical

While Biden doesn’t think he looks like a “radical socialist,” Kamala certainly does look like one.

Along comes Kamala Harris [with] a voting record to the left of Bernie Sanders — particularly when it comes to issues that are front and center right now, [such as] race relations, the police, and issues like reparations,” Schweizer explains.

This past weekend, she called for reimagining police, a dog whistle to the radical left that her running mate is on board with the ‘defund police’ agenda.

Harris supports late-term abortions, voting against bills to protect the lives of babies that survive the procedure and to ban abortion after 20 weeks.

She supports reparations for slavery, something a poll conducted in 2016 showed is opposed by nearly seven in 10 Americans.

There is little doubt that Biden and Kamala Harris would usher socialism into our country with open arms.

Part of my theory is that they’re keeping [Harris] off the campaign trail because they don’t want her out there saying the kinds of things that she has said in the past, because it will scare a lot of moderate voters,” added Schweizer.

The American people will reject her extreme policies and platforms. Even Democrat voters themselves rejected her, as evidenced by her poor performance in the primaries.


Source The Political Insider

Emergency Alert: Pelosi announces plan to remove Trump, make herself President under COG martial law


The left against Trump
The left against Trump

Alex Jones breaks down the radical left’s coup against America:

VIDEO: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed President Trump will be leaving the White House “whether he knows it yet, or not.”


Sowell: If Biden is elected he could push the US past ‘point of No return,’ like Roman Empire

By Randy DeSoto

Joe Biden dreams
Joe Biden dreams

Renowned academic and author Thomas Sowell contends if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden were to win the presidency, it may well push the United States past the “point of no return.”

On his Fox News program “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday night, host Mark Levin asked Sowell, a senior fellow with the Hoover Institution, to speak about the current unrest and general direction of the country.

I must say even though I’m regarded as pessimistic, I was never pessimistic enough to think that things would degenerate to the point where they are now, where adult human beings are talking about getting rid of the police … at a time when murder rates have been skyrocketing over what they were just a year ago,” Sowell responded.

It just seems such utter madness,” he continued, “and what is frightening is how many people in responsible positions are caving in to every demand that is made, repeating any kind of nonsense that you’re supposed to repeat.”

I do believe that we may well reach a point of no return,” Sowell said. “I hope of course that will never happen, but there is such a thing as a point of no return.

The Roman Empire overcame many problems in its long history, but eventually it reached a point where it simply could no longer continue on. And much of that was from within, not just the barbarians attacking from outside.”

The comparison to the Roman Empire appeared to resonate with Levin, who pointed to an exchange of letters between former presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in 1819, in which they discussed the fall of Rome.

The Roman Empire lasted for approximately 500 years.

Levin paraphrased Jefferson’s argument to Adams that what ultimately caused Rome to fall was that the people lost their virtue.

[No] government can continue good but under the controul of the people: and their people were so demoralised and depraved as to be incapable of exercising a wholsome controul,” Jefferson wrote in December 1819.

The drafter of the Declaration of Independence believed Rome could have been saved by reforming the people’s way of thinking, but confessed he did not think even Cicero or Cato could have pulled off the necessary instruction.

Levin argued that the lawless conduct happening in the streets offers proof at least some Americans lack virtue, but few in places of influence are willing to address it.

And what we hear in the academia, what we see on media, and what we hear from the Democrats and so forth, there’s no kind of government that can protect us from ourselves. Isn’t that correct?” asked the conservative commentator.

Sowell agreed, replying, “There are so many people who are just caving in.”

Levin next questioned Sowell on what he thought about the charge from Black Lives Matter and others that the United States is systemically racist.

It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses,” the former college professor answered, adding the phrase reminds him of propaganda tactics employed by Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and ’40s.

People will believe any lie, if it’s repeated long enough and loud enough, and that’s what we’re getting,” said Sowell, who just released his latest book, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies.”

Levin then turned to the subject of this November’s election, likening it in importance to the 1860 and 1864 elections during the Civil War.

We’re talking about the 1776 project versus the 1619 Project, and you can see where the Democrats have tied into the 1619 Project and many of the Republicans are trying to defend the founding and 1776 project,” Levin said.

The 1776 initiative, led by African-Americans scholars, supports the United States’ founding ideals as right and true. They contend — as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did — that racism is contrary to the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.

The 1619 Project holds that America was founded in racism and a main reason the colonies declared independence from Great Britain was to protect slavery, though the institution was not outlawed in England until over a half-century later in 1833.

Also working against that narrative was most of the states north of the Mason-Dixon line voted to abolish slavery by the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783, and all northern states did by 1804.

Sowell agreed with Levin that the upcoming election is very consequential to the future of the United States.

If the election goes to [Joe] Biden,” he said, “there’s a good chance that the Democrats will then control the two branches of Congress and the White House, and considering the kinds of things that they’re proposing, that could well be the point of no return for this country.”

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

Source: The Western Journal

Remarks by President Trump in briefing on keeping American communities safe: The takedown of key MS-13 criminal leaders

Oval Office

The White House
The White House

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  We have a very important announcement, and we’re going to state some facts and things that have happened recently that are very positive in terms of crime and crime prevention.  This is about MS-13.
And we’ll have another announcement next week with the Attorney General, the FBI, and others concerning our cities, because the left-wing group of people that are running our cities are not doing the job that they’re supposed to be doing.  And it’s not a very tough job to do if they knew what they were doing.  So we’ll be talking about that next week and probably have an announcement as to what we’re planning to do to help them.  They’re supposed to be asking for help, and they don’t want to ask.  So maybe they’re proud or maybe they think it’s bad politically, but we can’t have happen what’s happening.

But we’re here today to provide an update on my administration’s all-out campaign to destroy MS-13, a vile and evil gang of people.
We’ve just concluded a historic operation, leading to the arrest and indictment of dozens of savage MS-13 members and leaders all across the country.  So this is something that’s taken place over the last few days.
I want to thank Attorney General Barr for doing a great job, in many ways — many ways — not just here; Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Wolf; and FBI Director Wray for joining us today.  And we’ll be discussing a little bit about what we did and where we’re going.  But MS-13 has been a problem for our country for a long time.  We’ve taken them out by the thousands.

While radical left-wing politicians have fought to open borders and welfare for illegal aliens, my administration has fought for safe streets.  We want security for our people.  We want the rule of law.  We want law and order.
In the last three years, ICE has deported over 16,000 gang members and arrested over 2,000 members of MS-13.  Think of those numbers: 16,000 and arrested over 2,000 members of MS-13.  We’ve also deported a lot of the MS-13s out of our country.

This week’s action by the Joint Task Force Vulcan is the most recent offense to — we really — this has been a big offensive in my administration’s war on foreign gangs, of which we came into this administration and we said, “What’s going on?”  We had gangs from countries that you wouldn’t believe.  More than 20 of the criminals we indicted and arrested in the past seven days were illegal aliens.
Yesterday, for the first time ever, the Eastern District of Virginia — thank you very much — indicted MS-13 leaders on charges of terrorism.  So we have the MS-13 leader on charges of terrorism.  And that’s a first.  Is that correct?
MR. TERWILLIGER:  Yes, sir.  Yes, Mr. President.
THE PRESIDENT:  We’re using “terrorism,” which gives us extra strength.
In New York and Nevada, 21 MS-13 members and leaders have been indicted on charges, including murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking.

The DOJ has also announced that it will seek the death penalty for a bloodthirsty MS-13 leader responsible for the despicable killing of seven Americans, including two teenage girls.
Over the past few days, the DOJ and DHS have made several arrests at high, high levels in these cases, including several immigration arrests.  And I want to thank Chad Wolf for working along with the FBI and with the Attorney General.  They’ve worked very closely together at the border.  And the border, as you know, is setting new records for allowing people in that are allowed to come in, allowing people in legally.

We believe the monsters who murder children should be put to death.  We seem to have quite a good agreement on that.  These people murder children and they do it as slowly and viciously as possible.  We will not allow these animals to terrorize our communities.  And my administration will not rest until every member of MS-13 is brought to justice.
We’ve done a great job with MS-13, but now we’re stepping it up even to a higher level.  This has never happened before.  There’s never been any move like this before.  Much of it’s already taken place; otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about it.

So when Biden and the radical left want to open borders for MS-13 and others, we want strong borders, we want — as I’ve said, we want borders.  Without borders, you don’t have a country.  And we have a great country, and it’s coming back stronger than ever, from job numbers to every other number.  It’s coming back stronger than ever before.  So we’re going to have a great third quarter, we’re going to have a great fourth quarter.  And next year is going to be one of the strongest years economically we’ve ever had.
So I’m going to ask AG Barr to say a few words about the MS-13 and what we’ve done and what we’re doing and where we plan to go.
And next week, we’re going to have, I think, a very exciting news conference because we’re going to be talking about some of these cities that — where the Democrats running them have just lost control of the cities.  So that’ll be very interesting.

Bill, please.
ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR:  When I came into the Department as Attorney General, the President made it clear that one of his top priorities — to reduce violent crime in the United States — was to destroy MS-13 in the United States.
And what we’ve been in here discussing with the President is part of that effort, which is Project Vulcan, or Task Force Vulcan, which is targeting the higher-level players in the MS-13 operations in the United States.
MS-13 is somewhat unique in this sense: They have the street savagery that you would see in a gang; is not driven by commercial interests the way, for example, the Mafia traditionally was.  It’s about honor of being the most savage, bloodthirsty person you can be and building up a reputation as a killer.  So this is, in some ways, is a death cult.
And then they use the terror that they cause by their savagery to extort.  And they’ve gotten increasingly into human trafficking and now narcotics trafficking.  But that’s a sideline, to some extent, to their basic purpose, which is violence, terrorizing people.

Also, unlike a street gang, they’re highly organized as a transnational organization.  They operate with a hierarchy, with programs — they call them “programs”; think of it as a crime family, essentially.  And then under each program, they have different cliques.  They have programs and cliques operating in the United States, while their center of gravity is in Central America.  There are thousands that have come into the United States illegally.  They’re virtually all illegal aliens.  They come in now through the — although it’s harder to get across the border, but traditionally, they’ve come across the border into Houston and then fanned out across the United States into different centers of activity.

Today, we were talking with the President about three actions we took.  Melgar Díaz was indicted in the Eastern District of Virginia — first time we’ve used terrorism charges against a member of MS-13.  He was responsible for activities in 13 states — 20 cliques in the United States.  He was also the person who would greenlight assassinations in the United States.  The orders come from El Salvador — or they request to assassinate people who go down to El Salvador, and he would greenlight the hit.

We also took down — this was an HSI case in Las Vegas.  We took down the Hollywood clique, which operated not only in Nevada, but also in California and in the Eastern District of New York — again, Long Island.  And we took down 21 members and the leadership of that organization.
And then, finally — these are the New York indictees.  And then, finally, I announced that we are going to seek the death penalty against Alexi Saenz who is a leader in the Eastern District of New York, a leader of MS-13 there.
The President made a trip to Brentwood, New York, earlier in his administration.  And he met with the families of victims that have been killed by MS-13, including the family of two young girls who were butchered with machetes.  And the person that we are seeking the death penalty against was involved in those murders, as well as the murder of two African Americans who they — who they just saw on the street and thought they were from a rival gang and just butchered.
So those are the actions that were taken.  There is more coming as we are going to target the leadership of MS-13.  We’re working very closely with the El Salvadorians on this; they’ve been very cooperative.  And we have MS- — we have the HSI and the FBI with operations down in El Salvador.

THE PRESIDENT:  In past administrations, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala did not cooperate with the United States at all.  They wouldn’t let us bring people back.  And under this administration, a long time ago, almost my — I would say my second or third day, I said, “That’s not going to work.”  They’d bring them back and they’d say, “Get them out of here.  We’re not taking them.”  And they don’t say that anymore.  They don’t even come close to saying that anymore.

So the — the operation is going to be very good.  This is probably the meanest, worst gang anywhere in the world — the MS-13 group.  And a big dent has put in them.  It took place over the last few days and — and really over the last year.  Heavy focus on MS-13.
They’re an evil group of people.  They’re sick, they’re deranged, and we’re taking care of it.  And I want to just thank these great crime fighters that are with us today.  Thank you, fellas.  Really fantastic.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR:  The U.S. Attorney from Nevada, Nick Trutanich; U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Virginia, Zach Terwilliger; obviously, you know the director of the FBI; Matthew Albence of the ICE; Michael Carvajal of Bureau of Prisons.  You might ask the Bureau — why the Bureau of Prisons.  Because they do like to try to operate out of prisons, and we have to make sure we collect intelligence in the prison system.  And then Regina Lombardo of ATF; Tim Shea of DEA; and, of course, you know the Secretary of DHS, Chad Wolf.

THE PRESIDENT:  So it’s central casting.  We — we forgot one last one.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR:  Oh, I’m sorry.  The head of this program is John Durham, Jr. from the Eastern District of New York, who has spent — how many years recently, John?
MR. DURHAM:  In the office 15; I’ve been doing MS-13 for 10 years.
ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR:  Ten years on Long Island, which is one of the hotbeds of MS-13 activity, or at least was.
THE PRESIDENT:  Good luck, John.  Good luck.  That’s really great.  So important.
It’s like central casting.  People are like central casting.  And you’re going to do a great job, and we appreciate it.
And we will be meeting you in a similar vein, but a little different subject next week, and that concerns our cities and, again, people that have lost control of some of our great cities.  We’re going to straighten things out.
Thank you all very much.  Thank you.

Q    Mr. President, you talked about taking over cities earlier this week.  Is that what next week’s announcement is about?
THE PRESIDENT:  You’ll be seeing next week.  We’ll have a conference next week and we’ll tell you in great detail, but it’s something that I think, at this point, the American people want to see.  They’ve been run very poorly, these cities, whether it’s Seattle, where we were getting ready to go in and they decided to go in, and that’s good.  Minneapolis, where we had the National Guard go in, and as soon as they did that, we straightened that mess out.  They should’ve been able to do it locally with their police.  Their police are good; they were told not to do anything.  Or many other cases.  We’re doing a great job.
In Portland — Portland was very rough and they called us in, and we did a good job, to put it mildly.  Many people in jail right now.
But we have other cities that are out of control; they’re like warzones.  And if the cities are going to straighten it out, if local politicians, or in this case — I don’t say this for political reasons — they’re all DemocratsThey’re liberal, left-wing Democrats.  And it’s almost like they think this is going to be this way forever, where in Chicago, 68 people were shot and 18 died last week.  We’re not going to put up with that.  We’re not going to put up with that.
So that’s for our next discussion.  Thank you all very much.  I appreciate it.  Thank you.
Q    Mr. President.  Mr. President —
Q    (Inaudible) on Dr. Fauci?
THE PRESIDENT:  I get along very well with Dr. Fauci.  I get along very well with Dr. Fauci.  I have a very good relationship.
Q    Are you okay with the op-ed Peter Navarro wrote?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, that’s Peter Navarro, but I have a very good relationship with Dr. Fauci.
Thank you very much.


Source: The White House

The Department of Justice announces takedown of key MS-13 criminal leadership

In major victory over Pentagon, CIA is authorized to expand offensive cyber operations

By Joseph Fitsanakis

The United States Central Intelligence Agency
The United States Central Intelligence Agency

The United States Central Intelligence Agency was secretly authorized by the White House in 2018 to drastically expand its offensive cyber operation program —a development that some experts describe as a significant development for the secretive spy agency. However, the move has reportedly not pleased the Department of Defense, which sees itself as the primary conduit of American offensive operations in cyberspace.

The two-year-old authorization was disclosed by Yahoo News, which cited “former US officials with direct knowledge of the matter” in its report. The website said the authorization came in the form of a presidential finding. A presidential finding, also known as a Memorandum of Notification, refers to a directive, which is authored by the president of the US and is given to the intelligence committees of Congress. Its purpose is to explain the reasoning behind a covert operation that is to be carried out abroad. Following that disclosure by the president, government funds can be appropriated for use in that operation or series of operations.

According to Yahoo News, the 2018 presidential finding provides the CIA with “more freedom in both the kinds of operations it conducts and who it targets”, when it comes to covert action carried out online. The goal of the White House was to enable the CIA to unleash a series of offensive measures against “a handful of adversarial countries”, which include North Korea, Iran, China and Russia, according to the report. Such offensive operations differ substantially from those typically carried out by CIA personnel on cyberspace, which focus on clandestine information collection. In contrast, offensive operations aim to disrupt, sabotage or even destroy targeted systems.

In addition to enhancing the scope of the CIA’s cyber operations, the presidential directive is also believed to make it easier for the agency to target non-state actors and agencies, including financial intuitions, charities, news media, or businesses. Such targets may be attacked when they are found to be operating on behalf of adversarial intelligence agencies. Moreover, it makes it easier for the spy agency to leak secret information about targeted adversaries to media organizations, a tactic that Russian spy services are believed to have utilized in the past.

The Yahoo News report notes that the presidential directive is seen as a major victory for the CIA in its long bureaucratic battle with the Department of Defense. The latter has traditionally been entrusted by the US government with carrying out offensive cyber operations. There are also questions about potential operational overlap between the CIA and the Pentagon, as the two actors may at times be attacking the same targets. This brings up the issue of inter-agency coordination between two bodies, which has not always been smooth in the past.

Yahoo News said it submitted “an extensive list of questions” to the CIA, but the agency declined to comment. The National Security Council, which oversaw the drafting of the alleged presidential finding, did not respond to questions stemming from the news report.

Source: Intel News

Obama’s former CIA chief: We need a Middle East strategy

Leon Panetta says the White House has to be bolder confronting threats in the region.

President Obama’s former CIA director says his old boss has spent the last four years operating without much of a plan in the Middle East.

We’re operating on a crisis basis,” Leon Panetta, who was America’s top spy for most of President Obama’s first term, said on Wednesday at the Fortune Global Forum in San Francisco. “When a crisis occurs, we respond to the crisis. But we don’t have any kind of larger strategy to try to deal with what’s happening in the Middle East, what’s happening with ISIS.”

Panetta, who helped engineer the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, gave Obama credit for taking risks to confront global flash points in his first term. Since, however, Panetta said the White House appears to be operating from a cautious crouch, leery of getting drawn into another messy war in the Middle East.

We don’t want to get bogged down in another war, obviously, but you also don’t want to stand back and allow the situation to deteriorate to the point where your national security is jeopardized,” Panetta said. “Because the reality is that if the U.S. doesn’t provide leadership on these issues, nobody else will.”

Panetta suggested that failure to develop a broader strategy imperils the work the administration is doing — including the nuclear deal with Iran — to contain the chaos erupting in the region. “Every arms agreement is a gamble,” Panetta said, but this one was struck “in a vacuum, without an overarching strategy as to how are we going to deal with ISIS and with the threat from Iran.” Instead, Panetta said the U.S. should send a clear signal to the region that it will maintain a major military presence in the region; beef up intelligence and counter-terrorism measures; restore relations with Israel; and develop a NATO-like coalition to coordinate the efforts of Arab allies in containing new threats.

Panetta said there is good news on the terrorism front. He’s confident in the ability of America’s counter-terrorism agencies to disrupt larger-scale September 11-style attacks. But that threat has been replaced by another that’s much tougher to contain — that of a lone-wolf operator returning from an ISIS campaign bent on wreaking havoc at home, or, potentially more dangerous, one radicalized here without ever landing on the radar of U.S. intelligence. “How do you protect against that?” he asked.

But Panetta called cyber warfare the “battlefield of the future.” He said military and intelligence arms of the government are prepared, though other agencies remain vulnerable, as demonstrated by the massive hacking of federal personnel records. And while the private sector is scrambling to catch up, “it’s a hit and miss game. Ultimately, it’s my view we do need a tighter public-private partnership.”

The former CIA chief shared recollections from the deliberations that led to the Bin Laden raid, recalling that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton counseled the president that the prize was worth the risk on imperfect intelligence, versus Vice President Joe Biden, who thought it was “too risky.” That subplot was primed to become a major point of contention in the Democratic presidential primary — until Biden announced last month that he would forego the race.

Source: Fortune