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Pinocchio, veritas vos liberabit

Pinocchio veritas vos liberabit
Pinocchio veritas vos liberabit

By Tomas Fisher

Do you remember Johnathan Worthington Foulfellow? By that name it may not sound familiar to you, perhaps by “the honest John” it is better known to you. The honest John and Gideon (his mute minion) were in charge of continually cajoling Pinocchio, ah now you remember. this fairytale character is more real than many imagine, even the “pleasure island” to which Pinocchio will be deceived by the honest John is as real as life itself.

Then there was Jiminy Cricket, the heavy killjoy who all the time was warning, prohibiting, alerting and trying to prevent the puppet from committing anything stupid.

Ignoring Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio will go to the famous pleasure island where all the children could consume sweets without limit, and they had everything for free without paying anything and without having to give anything in return, Jauja !. What the unwary did not know is that the more sweets and the more games they enjoyed, the more they turned into donkeys and in the end they ended up working for the owner of the park. And you see that the  insistent Jiminy Cricket had warned him.

So if we establish a parallel between the characters and settings in this fiction with the characters and settings in real life, we have: Certain politicians who play the role of honest John, Gideon who are all the useful idiots in this drama, and all Pinocchioes around the world who are the candid soul of this story and who ends up turned into a donkey after gorging themselves on eating sweets and enjoying everything that is offered to them on the pleasure island for free.

The only thing missing is the  insistent character that Jiminy Cricket embodies, the conscientious wall, the “denier” who tries to prevent the slaver Johnathan Worthington Foulfellow, the honest John, from putting all possible Pinocchioes within this particular version of the pleasure island that it is the West for them.
So between being Jiminy Cricket and being honest John, or a Gideon, you will excuse me if I tell you that I prefer to be Jiminy Cricket.

What things are, just as the honest John used deception, entertainment, drugs … out there an entire elite made up of authentic psychopaths have been and continue to be doing exactly the same thing, with deceptions, with sordid programs of entertainment on tv, with some MSMs totally at the service of those elites full of disturbed dangerous people, who use all sorts of ideologies contrary to natural law, who have been sowing the world with one intellectual fraud after another, with games, fun, false feelings of well-being, denaturing everything that strengthened an entire civilization, we see how the scene of the “pleasure island” of that mythical work by Carlo Lorenzini “story of a puppet” and that later the Disney industry would be in charge of immortalizing, we see that that scene was much more than a simple story, it was -and is- the harsh reality.

Today there are the dummies, the dummies that are handled at the whim of the modern John, who have nothing honest, spurred on by the damn gideons their minions, and the Jiminy Cricket, those “deniers” who try to be the conscience of the dummies who go blind and directly to the pleasure island where, no one doubts it, they will end up turned into a pack donkeys. Those who survive the indulgence of those poisoned sweets.
If they already warned us, but we ignored it.

Story of a puppet … what a suitable title.

Tomas Fisher
Foreign Affairs Intelligence Council


All about COVID-19 mass vaccination program, experimental vaccine, science warns, corona scandal, pandemic/Plandemic, the global reset, Nuremberg Tribunals II, Articles and videos…

Creepy Bill Gates Says “America First” is extreme idea – Bars and Restaurants should close for next 4 to 6 months (VIDEO)

Tapper asks Gates when he thinks we’ll be back to ‘normal.’ Hear his response
“Even through 2022” we should be prepared for life to not return to “normal”

By Jim Hoft

This guy gets more creepy by the day.
Bill Gates joined Jake Tapper on CNN on Sunday to discuss vaccinating the world.

During the discussion Gates said Trump’s “America First” policy of vaccinating US citizens first is an “extreme idea.”

Bill Gates: “It should be based on medical need — not wealth at all.”

— The Hill (@thehill) December 13, 2020

Gates went on to say the lockdowns should continue into 2022, with no bars or restaurants opening for the next six months.


— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) December 13, 2020

Source: The Gateway Pundit