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Bill Gates in his own words
Bill Gates in his own words

  1. Covid Vaccination Side Effects Information Compilation
  2. Doctor Heinrich Fiechtner Warns: ‘It’s a Killer Vaccination’
  3. The deadly truth about vaccines
  4. Doctors now warn about permanent damage and cardiovascular events following COVID-19 vaccination
  5. Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE
  6. Dr Dolores Cahill explains the adverse effects of Covid vaccination
  7. CDC: 329 Recorded deaths so far following experimental COVID mRNA injections in the U.S
  8. Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution!
  9. SHOCKING! Official Data on adverse reactions to Covid vaccines released
  10. Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel
  11. כל נתוני האמת על החיסונים נחשפים ויחד עימם תמונה מחרידה.
  12. CDC about the vaccine adverse event reporting system in U.S.
  13. WHO offered me 20million dollars to put a little toxic in my Covid-19 remedy” – Madagascar President exposes WHO
  14. A Dutch court ordered the government to scrap the country’s COVID-19 curfew immediately
  15. The Disinformation War
  16. EVENT 201 Judge for yourself
  17. COVID Death vaccine
  18. 70,504 cases of SERIOUS adverse effects!
  19. The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier
  20. What did Dr. Fauci said? Take off the mask. They are detrimental to your health. ZERO BENEFIT
  21. Former Detroit TV anchor dies one day after taking COVID vaccine
  22. The Plandemic
  23. Difference between legality and justice
  24. Vaccines have nanoparticles and aluminium that seem linked to many issues
  25. They use living babies like objects, cutting them alive in pieces!
  26. Bill Gates deleted documentary – from MICROSOFT to VACCINES
  27. CDC Zombie Preparedness… Really?
  28. COVID-19 the great deception
  29. Testimony of German Attorney: Those responsible for “Corona Scandal” must be criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity
  30. Difference between legality and justice. Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns reveal our leaders’ totalitarian instincts.
  31. Fauci; camera on, camera off…
  32. What is the Global Reset?
  33. Dr. Jerome Corsi a real Truthteller
  34. Social media dictatorship. It’s not fascism when they do it…
  35. AIDS Scientist Judy Mikovits PhD SLAMS Dr. Anthony Fauci & Deborah Birx EXPOSES Medical Corruption
  36. In Africa: Zambian leader Dr. Mumba refuses COVID drugs after discovering bottles marked “Not for use in EU or USA” (Video)
  37. Death rates skyrocket in Israel following Pfizer experimental COVID “vaccines”
  38. BUSTED: CDC inflated COVID numbers, accused of violating Federal Law. Government manipulation revealed
  39. Corona children studies “Co-Ki”: First results of a Germany-wide registry on mouth and nose covering (mask) in children
  40. Think about it
  41. The Vaccine trials documentary 2021
  42. Serious coagulation disorder! Nurse (49) dies after being vaccinated
  43. Miller’s review of critical vaccine studies
  44. Israel vaccination program. A worriying reality
  45. Researchers warn some Covid-19 vaccines could increase risk of HIV infection
  46. Who is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)
  47. The Big RE-SET a very interesting Spanish documentary
  48. Biden and Fauci the dynamic duo of deception
  49. “It’s not fascism when we do it” But YES, it is fascism!
  50. International Penal Court accept the lawsuit against Pfizer illegal experimental trial in Israel, violating the Nuremberg Code
  51. A picture is worth a thousand words
  52. Transhuman 101: Moderna declares COVID vaccine to be an ‘Operating System’, COVID is about control, not a virus.
  53. Judicial Watch Sues CDC for communications with Big Tech on COVID-19
  54. Texas Attorney General massive lawsuit against monopolistic tech giant Google
  55. MSM start ask questions
  56. Nuremberg Military Tribunals
  57. Judicial Watch: Fauci investigation UPDATE
  58. Former Gates Foundation vaccine scientist calls for halt to vaccinations, predicts “wipe out” of populati
  59. Es ist doch nur… It’s just a mask…
  60. Pinocchio, veritas vos liberabit
  61. Do you remember? Flu Vaccine injury and death claims increase in 2016
  62. VAERS Covid Vax Records: Huge list of deaths within a day of injection
  63. Covid-19 Vaccines are weapons of mass destruction – and could wipe out the human race
  64. World Economic Forum’s Techno-Totalitarian Roadmap
  65. The Geneticist Alexandra Herion-Caude speaks on the Covid Vaccines
  66. UK could lock people in their homes for 10 years, warns former High Court judge
  67. Italian MP calls for Bill Gates to be charged with crimes against Humanity
  68. Outcry to the world from Israel  (ENG subtitles)
  69. 31 Reasons why I won’t take the vaccine
  70. Remember what your duty is
  71. No more lockdowns: UK will treat Covid like seasonal flu, says Chris Whit
  72. Dr. Fauci Admits COVID Vaccine May Not Be Safe… WTF!
  73. Remember. There are no coincidences. CONOP 8888
  74. Facebook ‘Fact-Checks’ woman’s Post on vaccine’s adverse reaction one week before it killed her
  75. Vaccinated people are walking biological time bombs and a THREAT to society
  76. A Shot in the Dark Vaccinations 2020 Documentary
  77. What history tells us about the 1918 “Spanish Flu”
  78. Dr. Fauci is guilty of hundreds of thousands of deaths for interfering with hydroxychloroquine use, says medical expert
  79. French drug assessment center demands removal of all four widely used COVID vaccines
  80. India’s “Covid Crisis” has been hijacked – The Mainstream Media are lying to you
  81. Stay away from the vaxxed, it is official, from Pfizer’s own documents
  82. The British Government: Resurgence of hospitalizations and deaths dominated by who have received two doses of the vaccine
  83. Five Doctors agree that COVID-19 injections are bioweapons and discuss what to do about It
  84. Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity
  85. Mirror: Smoking gun video: Fauci Project manager confesses to creating Covid-19
  86. House Republicans introduce bill to fire Dr. Fauci
  87. On the occult meaning of the term COVID. A succinct incursion into pattern recognition.
  88. Government scientific advisors admit using “totalitarian” fear tactics to control people during pandemic, report.
  89. The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028
  90. Two more coffin nails and 100% certainty of COVID-19 fraud – can anyone prove it isn’t?
  91. COVID-19 ‘has NO credible natural ancestor’ and WAS created by Chinese scientists who then tried to cover their tracks with ‘retro-engineering’ to make it seem like it naturally arose from bats, explosive new study claims
  92. The Fall of #FalseFlagFauci
  93. Just wait until people realize the kung-flu was made in the U.S and then sent to Woohan…
  95. “Global Time Bomb” First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; “viral RNA found in every organ of the body”
  96. Inventor of mRNA vaccine sounds the alarm of lipid nanoparticles from experimental COVID-19 vaccines accumulating in vital organs
  97. Plandemic / Scamdemic – A Deep State attack on freedom – A film by MrTruthBomb (Remastered)
  98. Fauci says some ‘breakthrough’ infections after vaccinations ‘inevitable’
  99. The government is not being transparent about the risks’: Inventor of MRNA vaccines says people should not be forced to take experimental COVID vaccines because risks aren’t known and under 18s and those who’ve had virus shouldn’t take it
  100. UK says most people dying from covid are vaccinated
  101. Rand Paul debunks Fauci panic on the Delta variant
  102. BREAKING DISCOVERY! The actual contents inside Pfizer vials EXPOSED!
  103. Fact: 27.1% of the World population have received the Covid shot – according to statistics – which means 2.1 billion could die within 10 years

This list is constantly updating.

49 thoughts on “All about COVID-19 mass vaccination program, experimental vaccine, science warns, corona scandal, pandemic/Plandemic, the global reset, Nuremberg Tribunals II, Articles and videos…

  1. Hello Dr Reiner Fuellmich Thank you for all your time, energy and efforts spent on bringing these people to trial.
    I watched a video from Dr Jane Ruby .com. She is a medical expert and pharmaceutical researcher, it was about Chemicell a product that maybe in Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. Maybe it can help in intent or causation?


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