Dr. Jerome Corsi a real Truthteller

Dr.Jerome Corsi a real Truthteller
Dr.Jerome Corsi a real Truthteller

Killer COVID-20 – The Intended Death –

By Ron

2020; “The year of the virus.” Possibly the year of the scam. Or worse yet…. The year of the test. There is no doubt that when “experts” walked into the oval office and apprised President Trump that millions were going to die, it was a sobering moment. An instant reflection of 1918 mixed with thoughts of the present, the future, the possibilities of bad decisions, and panic.

Yet, in typical Trump style it became the start of resolute thinking, planning, of options and strategies; Solve the problem, improve things, move on.

Obvious, immediate realities overshadowed the unknown. Did these “experts” really know what they were dealing with? Were they operating from facts and “national well-being” or motives of personal agendas and profit?

The drama of daily discussions played out on the White House briefing stage. We saw stories change; Don’t wear a maskwear a mask. Clean and don’t touch surfaces – well, you probably can’t really catch it from surfaces. Lockdown, stay homeno, get back to work. Did these pundits of political propriety really have answers? Or just guestimates?

And, as many would like to ignore or dismiss as conspiratorial, was this a test run for future viral invasions? It’s times like this that we turn to those who investigate, who research and analyze for facts and hopefully truthful answers to the problem.

One such resource is Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.

A New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Corsi investigates many subjects; their good and bad aspects, and then presents conclusions for consideration. Some question, some disagree, some support but facts are facts and particularly, in this case, supportive worldwide experts agree.

A NOTE: Some of this may seem technical in nature however, expressing in-depth research is needed to explain the facts and justify the logic behind, what could well be, our worst pandemic ever.

RB ~ Dr, Corsi, you’ve been known for years as a political writer, and your books have dealt with administrations or their problems. Now you’ve veered off a bit into a more medical arena, a virus venue. How is that working out, and why did you make that step?

JC ~ First, I’m not a medical scientist, and virology is a new field for me, but it’s the politics we’re dealing with here. The area of national shut down, which has never happened in our history before. We have gone through World Wars and we didn’t shut down. And now we get a virus and we lock down the country – the economy. So simply, it is a political issue, and I got interested in it really because of the political implications. To understand it, I had to start reading and understanding the medical science and the terms. And I read a lot about virology.

I’ve gotten enough to really understand the basics of what I’m putting together, I’m getting it confirmed by the people who are medical scientists or virologists. So, because of my perspective as an investigative journalist, I’m coming up with things and insights that they may not as easily get.

When I found all of Fauci‘s patents, I began to look at all of them and reverse engineer them myself and say, if we’re going to look at these formulas to create a really bad virus, what would they come up with? And with COVID-19, I realized, well, maybe somebody did reverse it and there may be more going on here than we understand.

But when you take these two or three elements that you’ve got here in the Coronavirus you’ve had a very deadly combination of attacks on the immune system – an AIDS-like attack, and the SARS attack on the lungs that’s coming next….. well, we’re in a lot of trouble.

What did I do next? I started exploring Hydroxychloroquine and I was realizing how it worked. It seemed not to just be magic, but it had the action on the cells that basically protects the RNA so they didn’t replicate the virus. And of course, Fauci wants there to be a vaccine and make billions, but there will not be a vaccine for COVID. There has not been a vaccine for the common cold or HIV after decades. These vaccines do not work against mutating viruses like HIV, or the SARS, which is exactly what COVID is. And I’m saying that the idea to wait for the cavalry to come over the hill with the vaccine is complete nonsense.

RB ~ A lot of people believe this whole virus attack either started out to be… or became, intentional. Unfortunately, it made President Trump look bad in some ways because was given bad advice.

JC ~ We feel he did at times. But he won’t do it again.

RB ~ When you start talking about “COVID-20,” are people looking at it as conspiratorial and giving you pushback, or are you finding support?

JC ~  I think there’re a lot on the side of the community that are taking it very seriously.  I’ve gotten very little pushback on this one. I know a lot of the media don’t want to give me any attention at all, so they ignore me.

They can’t refute what I’m saying because I’ve got the medical signs, It’s scary when you think about it.

I’ve done the work, and now, I have produced what I consider to be COVID-20 research that’s coming down the pike, and it will be out of Fauci’s patents. He lays the blueprint out for it and I think this will be the killer, the killer COVID-20. and Fauci has warned now, “it’ll come by the end of the year.”

My independent work and Intelligence say that it will come in September, and I put it on my website CorsiNation.com, which I’m calling COVID-20,  I’m showing people exactly how it will be made and virologists around the world are saying that this is quite possible, it’s getting the highest level of attention in the US government and US intelligence right now.

I have not seen anybody dispute it. What I’m saying is the COVID-20 will take the current COVID as one element and has HIV AIDS built into it already,

This is just the beginning of the topic of COVID-20 and the devastation it could bring.

It is hard for people to comprehend that there are those in power who seek to reduce the world’s population through such means but Bill Gates has openly talked about reducing it by 10%, Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren has written of the possibility of adding a sterilant to “drinking water or staple foods.” Ultimately, they decided that the risk of side effects “would, militate against the use of any such agent.”

Money and power are used for devious purposes and the agendas of those with both express their desire to keep both – by any means possible.

In part 2 we look more in-depth at the coming virus, the misconceptions of the CDC, NIH, Dr. Fauci’s COVID patents, and an online solution to prepare and combat the virus which could kill 25% of the world’s population.

All opinions expressed are those of Dr. Corsi and any medical advice given is for informational purposes only. For further information on this article, visit CorsiNation.com 

Killer COVID-20 – The Intended Death – Dr. Fauci Exposed?

Part 1 served as an introduction to a serious convergence of a public pandemic and conspiracy of conscience.

Could people deliberately want to kill off large populations of poor, unhealthy, even normal, and wealthy individuals all over the world?

Dr. Corsi investigated facts pertaining to a national emergency possibly motivated by political incentives gained from an economic shutdown and mass population control.

Normal, clear-thinking individuals can’t, or wouldn’t, imagine such circumstances deliberately devised, and yet some people can’t have enough power, money, or both.

The pedestal of power is a strong motivator and platform from which to wield influence over those less important and more easily managed.

RB ~ How did you approach this serious situation?

JC ~ I mapped out this glycoprotein 120 and the spikes of the virus. That’s what first tipped me off. You can see my analysis of COVID-19 and COVID–20, and what it will do when it enters your body. It attacks what they call the C4 receptors in your intestines. It enters, kills the concentrated T-cells, and knocks out your immune system; that’s a basic AIDS disease.

RB ~ Dr. Fauci and others appear to be such unquestionable medical experts. A network reporter asked Fauci, “Aren’t we’re making this stuff up, as we go along?”

JC ~ These guys are con artists, they’re not scientists. They’re con artists. Fauci hasn’t been in a laboratory for thirty years. Their goal is to get a patent, put their name on it, get big positions and make money; Enter partnerships at the NIH, all set on fundraisers. It’s all a politically motivated animal who is in the back pocket of big pharmacies set up to fool the American people.

The problem with all these guys is, they’re cordially dishonest. I say I’m not going to believe any of these guys anymore, no matter what they say.

RB ~ And the CDC, NIH, are not government organizations?

JC ~ When I studied the NIH and CDC, I realized they were 501(c)(3) foundations, public/private partnerships, only quasi-governmental. These scientists and doctors make a career out of patents and ultimately making money – doctors not in the public interest, but in with Rockefellers, Bill Gates, democrats galore, and the New World Order crowd. This is a game going on with the scientists, CDC, and NIH for decades.

RB ~ I trust people are starting to realize this whole thing might have been a sort of con job?

JC ~They are, they are. They will readily realize that over the next few weeks. It will take a little time to get the economy going again, and we’ve got to prepare the people for it when it comes again. If people start dying, like I think the next one’s capable of, they’re going to panic. We’ve been conditioned to hide at home. Actually, people get sicker hiding in their homes.

RB ~ Why would somebody deliberately develop COVID-20.

JC ~ What’s the purpose of a weapon? There’s a group of people who believe they’re too many people in the world and they want to get rid of them.

Dr. Fauci Exposed?

RB ~ Fauci’s got three different patents that he had based on HIV work. So, was Dr. Fauci planning on something like this?

JC ~ Well, I don’t know what his role is, although I do know of his demonizing Hydroxychloroquine, which is the only thing I think you can take to reduce the impact of this COVID-19 with a chance to survive, that’s what the doctors are telling me. And the blueprint for COVID-20? Fauci’s patents.

Virologists around the world, they’re telling me that I’m right; a combination of SARS plus HIV, and the person that did the work on the HIV and had the patents was Dr. Fauci.

RB ~ If this really comes in September, what can we do about it?

JC ~ The only PREVENTATIVE for COVID-20 is Hydroxychloroquine which opens your cells so the zinc can get in and tell the RNA not to reproduce the virus. So far, I’ve not found any scientist, medical scientist anywhere in the world that can suggest anything better.  And China is ordering it and zinc in large quantities.

RB ~ Bill Gates warned that COVID-19 won’t be the last pandemic affecting the world. Are they hinting what’s next? It’s very suspicious.

JC ~ That tipped me off because I said, “Okay I’ll take Gates seriously and said… Now, could that be the virus that could kill you the same day you got it?”

RB ~ Fauci holds patents on these HIV components having key glycoproteins that appear to have been inserted into the SARS while working for NIH and other organizations. Shouldn’t they have the patent? Does he get paid for that?

JC ~ One of the attorneys on my website pointed out that people don’t know the NIH and CDC. Again they’re “501(C)(3) organizations.

You can’t patent glycoprotein 120, but you can patent certain treatments of it. Therefore, when any medication is developed and that treatment is used, you get paid.

What I’m saying is, the patents that Fauci has, layout precisely the roadmap to create a “killer COVID-20.”

RB ~ How was this on in spread?

JC ~ COVID-19 already comes in through certain receptors in the nose where it only takes one or two spores to give you the disease.

RB ~ So, this one, that shut down the entire Western world, basically was this a dry run for COVID-20?

JC ~ To see, if we’d react to this condition of being locked down, potentially to get us to accept the totalitarian controls, and a vaccine – that’ll never come.

RB ~ So, you’re talking fall, probably September, because they know that sunlight and D3 destroys viruses, so they don’t want to release it now, but closer to the election?

JC ~ September is a good time. Close to the election and we begin entering into colder weather, less sunshine. The whole thing is the immune system.

When I published about COVID-20, I got calls from some of the international intelligence people who have been working on this. They told me that I was right and there was one more element, which I gave them, and they’ve confirmed.

RB ~ So people would go to SpeakwithanMD.com. How does this work?

JC ~ It’s a program to talk with an MD. not a drug program. They prescribe Hydroxychloroquine because it’s a medication. They check any of a few conditions that counter the medication like heart arrhythmia that indicates that you shouldn’t have HCQ. You don’t have to have the disease. If you’re worried about it; had contact or are first responders, whatever, doctors can prescribe Hydroxychloroquine for purposes of prevention. Doctors call the national pharmacy, the national pharmacy calls you, and if you’ve got insurance that will defray the cost of the medications it’ll be used… You can have the medications delivered express the next day to your door.

People are going to want to have meds delivered to their door, examinations with doctors where they don’t leave the house. The insanity that Fauci has done, demonizing Hydroxychloroquine which makes no sense at all, and a vaccine not coming, and Remdesivir, which the initial clinical tests show it isn’t that effective. Now, that’s reality.

RB ~ It’s truly a scary scenario. What makes people except that your thinking is true versus what the rest of the news media is saying is false.

JC ~ Well, it’s kind of fundamental by career, I’m telling you, if you panic and listen to the government, you’ve already done the wrong thing, because it’s the government that’s lying to you.

Now, whether this is the one in September, I don’t know for sure, I’m just telling you what I’ve figured out and what’s doable.

I don’t think it’s a question of “if” this is going to happen, the question is “when.” The point is, listen to me, or don’t listen to me, I’m not the medical scientist, I’m not a virologist, I don’t proclaim to have the credentials. That’s why I’ve got on my website a lot of doctors telling you the same thing, listen to them. And I’m having doctors in control of the program, they’re the ones who prescribe, the medicine. I’m not selling drugs. Talk to a doctor and find out for yourself.

here are times when it’s important to remember that just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. While we want to trust our national leaders, there are no guarantees that their motives are honest, true, and honorable. Everyone must make decisions for their own lives when it comes to medical care, the validity of information, and the reliability of their elected and appointed leaders.

All opinions expressed are those of Dr. Corsi and any medical advice given is for informational purposes only. For further information on this article, visit CorsiNation.com 

For updates follow @VideoRon on Twitter
© 2020 Group AMC, Inc.

Source: Freedom Mail


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