Flight 9268 air carrier blames A321 crash in Egypt on midair mechanical impact

According to Kogalymavia, the crew did not report any emergencies onboard which means they completely lost working ability

MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. A senior manager of the Kogalymavia air carrier, whose A321 passenger liner crashed in Egypt last Saturday, has blamed the disaster on major damage caused to the plane’s frame in flight.
The plane went out of control. It was not flying. It was falling,” said Viktor Yung, Kogalymavia’s deputy CEO. “Apparently, by that time it had suffered considerable damage that did not allow it to proceed with the flight.
The crew of the A321 plane that crashed in Egypt on October 31 did not report any emergencies onboard, Viktor Yung went on to say.
When the catastrophic situation started unveiling, the crew completely lost working ability. That is the explanation for the fact that no attempts were made to contact [air traffic controllers] and report an emergency onboard,” Yung said.

According to Kogalymavia airline’s deputy general director Andrey Averyanov, systemic checks rule out the possibility of developing “fatigue cracks” on the A321 plane that crashed in Egypt.
“Works on assessing fatigue cracks are conducted on planes once in six years, and more detailed examination is made every 12 years. While designing the plane, certain norms of airworthiness are used that guarantee that no fatigue crack can develop to a critical size during the interval,” Averyanov said.
He added that the plane underwent the last checks in March 2014.

Source: TASS. Russian News Agency


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