ISIS attempts to get nuclear weapon and the world is sleeping

By Arie Egozi.

The terror organization known as ISIS is trying to get its hands on nuclear weapons in order to cause a massive explosion that will kill millions of people, claims a German journalist who stayed with the organization. This claim is joined by intelligence assessments in several countries.

The journalist Jurgen Todenhofer, 75, an ex-parliament member of the party of Angela Merkel, has turned in the year 2000 into a reporter specializing in reports from battlefields. In a report published on the English Express website, he wrote that ISIS is planning a nuclear attack to destroy millions of people. This report is only a comfirmation of intelligence suspicions around the world.

The danger is substantial and great but what is being done today against ISIS is a bad joke”, says an Israeli expert.

Civilian nuclear reactors contain highly enriched Uranium which terrorists might use in order to build nuclear bombs.

The atom bomb which annihilated the Japanese city of Hiroshima at the end of WWII contained about 60 kgs od Uranium of the kind that creates a chain reaction. The American device, called “Little Boy”, was activated above the doomed port city with a fairly simple rifle-like mechanism. The mechanism launched a part of the Uranium 235 inside the bomb, which was below critical mass, towards another part of the bomb. The combined mass of the two was greater than the critical mass, causing an explosion equivelant to 15,000 tons of TNT. The bomb which destroyed the city of Nagasaki several days later was made of Plutonium and not Uranium and its activation required a more advanced technology.

Although several countries have produced over 100,00 nuclear weapons, and despite incidents which nearly occured over the past sixty years, there hasn’t been a nuclear annihalation such as this since. Howevere, today we are witnessing another alarming threat: Up to a few years ago, Al Qaeda was thought to be striving towards nuclear terror weapons. Today experts say the Al Qaeda looks like pre-school compared to ISIS.

In an article which appeared a few years ago in Scientific American, a concern was raised that a terror organization will lay its hands on Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU), build some crude explosive device with a rifle-like mechanism and use the resulted nuclear weapon against a city. HEU is Uranium where the concentration of Uranium 235, the isotope that can support a nuclear chain reaction, reaches over 20% of the weight.

The engineering required to build an atomic bomb of the rifle-like kind is so basic, that the physicists who designed “Little Boy” conducted to nuclear experiments before using it. They had no doubt that should the “rifle” fires, the bomb will indeed explode. That is why experts agree that a well-funded terror group could produce such rifle-like mechanism. Some have voiced actual concert that suicide bombers could penetrate HEU storage facilities, build an improvised nuclear device and blow it up before security can even respond.

Producing HEU is obviously not an option for non-countries, but stealing it or acquiring it from the black market surely is: There are about 1,800 tons of this matter around the world, produced during the cold war, mainly by the United States and the USSR. Today HEU can be found in civilian facilities as well as military ones and it is far less secured (Uranium fuel to produce electricity in nuclear power plants is usually enriched with only a small amount of Uranium 235 – abour 3% – 5% of the weight).

Over 50 tons of HEU are currently in civilian use and are spread around the world to support around 140 reactors designed to scientific research, industrial use or to create radioactive isotopes for medical purposes. These sites are usually located in urban environments and their guarding, guards and security systems wise, is minimal. Most concerning is Russia’s HEU reactors which constitutes a third of the global total and to which more than half of civilian-used HEU is connected.

So intelligence experts haven’t a doubt – ISIS wants to create a nuclear explosion. This puts a somewhat odd light around the so-called war the West is running against this organization. A few jet planes and some ground battles cannot defeat this organization that combines a lot of money with the will to commit the most atrocious terror attacks that can be described.

If the world doesn’t wake up, the worst is still to come.

Source: iHLS


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