CHAOS: French Cops Attack Muslim Migrant Camps With Tear Gas, Bulldozers

In Calais, local French police unleashed an ugly surprise on squatters’ camps set up illegally by the migrants, causing controversy across the country…

As a continued wave of Muslim refugees flood Europe, police in the port city of Calais, France, took major action on Tuesday against a number of illegal migrant camps, much to the dismay of liberal and pro-Muslim groups around the world.

Police utilized tear gas and bulldozers to break up large numbers of refugees living in the illicit camps. According to current law, the only sanctioned camp for refugees is known as the “New Jungle,” which many migrants have avoided due to a number of violent outbreaks and riots that have occurred at the facility.

Around 400 refugees were kicked out of the illegal camps by police in the port city. Citing the lack of safe refuge, about 50 of the migrants staged a sit-in with support of the “No Borders” movement. Three of the groups’ militants were taken into police custody.

A French government source told AFP, “Any illegal settlement cannot remain and will result in evacuation.”

At the beginning of 2015, the encampments had a population of about 300 migrants, but as thousands of Muslim refugees have fled Syria and other countries plagued by Islamic State group violence, the port city has seen a massive increase in the number of migrants, with estimates of 3,000 refugees currently living in makeshift slums around the city.

Three other illegal camps, mostly populated by African and Syrian refugees, were dismantled or bulldozed during the series of raids.

One wonders whether these raids don’t do more harm than good, as the migrants – who are in Calais trying to cross the English Channel into the UK – are just going to scatter to the winds and be harder to send home, and in the meantime they might well be plotting some sort of revenge against the locals “mistreating” them.

Source: Gop the daily dose


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