Russia has accused the U.S. of reluctance to make «Islamic state» in the black list of the UN security Council

In the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia complained that the US blocked the proposal of the Russian diplomats to include the terrorist group «Islamic state» (banned in Russia. — Approx. in the sanctions list of the UN security Council. The American press claims that the US does not support other anti-terrorism initiatives of Russia, in particular with regard to Russian troops in Syria.

«For anybody not a secret that IG is an independent structure that protrudes to some extent a rival of al-Qaida. Thus in the anti-terrorist sanctions list of the UN security Council, it is labeled as one of the names of al-Qaida in Iraq,» said RIA «Novosti» Director of the Department on new challenges and threats of the Russian foreign Ministry Ilya Rogachev.

«We have already proposed to include IG in the sanctions list of the UN as an independent helper. But our proposals are blocked Western members of the security Council, especially the US, under various pretexts,» — said the Russian diplomat.

«We believe that the Americans are saying so only because of one circumstance: the desire to show that the power set of the IG, its current success in no way connected with the fact that Westerners, especially the US, is very unintelligible cultivated opposition to the Assad government, including significant resources fall into the hands of extremists. This is a purely politically calculated stance that has almost nothing to do with fighting terror. Therefore, we persistently put this question and will continue to bet aggressively», said Rogachev.

However, it is worth noting that, apparently, now the US is blocking any anti-terrorism initiatives of the Russian Federation, especially during the jubilee 70th session of the UN General Assembly, which meets in new York. As the newspaper writes Foreign Policy, which quotes InoPressa, in 10 years the first visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the UN General Assembly was to provide international approval for actions of the Russian Federation in Syria through the adoption of the Declaration of the UN security Council, which would maintain the universal fight against terrorism.

«However, American diplomats rejected the offer, dashing the hopes of Russia to come to new York next week in the odor of sanctity,» reads the article.

Journalists noted that the Russian diplomats in the past month worked on the document in which fighter jets, drones airbase and Moscow in Syria appeared as part of a benevolent plan to bring stability in the war-torn region, but hopes to get support for Russia was developed by the Declaration in the UN security Council destroyed the USA.

There were several versions of the resolution from the Russian Federation: in the first draft, diplomats said, has emphasized «the need to provide serious military support and strengthen the combat potential of the countries-UN members in the region, actively involved in counter-terrorism operations».

The document also called for Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace talks, expressed «deep concern» about the alleged use of the «Islamic state» chemical weapons and supported Russian efforts to include Syria and Iran in the counter-terrorism front.

However, this version of the document was rejected. The demarche of the USA took place after more than a week of negotiations behind closed doors with the participation of the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France. After that Russia has proposed to exclude some of the most controversial conditions, including a reference to the need to provide military support for countries fighting terrorism. «The second project was not outrageous, and we were ready to discuss it, said a diplomat from the UN security Council. But the Americans showed much greater restraint».

We will add that Putin may for the first time in almost a year to meet with U.S. President Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly. According to the American press, the meeting may be held next week, «on Monday (September 28th) or Tuesday (29 September)». Note that on 28 September the Russian and American leaders will have to speak at the 70th anniversary session of the UN General Assembly.

Source: TASS. Russian News


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