Rumors about the Russian army caused panic in the ranks of ISIS

Syrian agency “SANA” has distributed a video about the mass surrender of members of armed gangs .
As reported, September 20 in the village of Kanaker (Damascus province), laid down their arms more than 500 fighters that took part in the war on the side of the “Islamic state” and so-called “moderate opposition“.

This surrender into captivity was the most massive during the armed conflict in Syria, and not casually coincided with an active debate on the possible joining of Russia to the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.

Given the considerable experience the Russian army in struggle against terrorists, many members of the armed groups decided to lay down their arms in time and save his life.
If Russia really starts operation against “Islamic state” in Syria, no matter alone or in coalition, the panic in the ranks of ISIS will only increase.
It is possible after that the so-called “moderate opposition” ( in fact this groups are not different from the Islamists, and often fight on their side ) will completely cease to exist.

Translation by Dr.Alexander Shcherbacov

Source: Youtube

Сдача боевиков в Канакере 20 09 2015


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