Only US-RUSSIA Cooperation Can solve ISIS and SYRIA issues

At this time of multiple turmoil in Syria, Turkey,PKK, Kurds, Iraq, Iran, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL, Jihads, Syrian massive Refugees flee to Europe mainly through Turkey to Greece. Only a Solid Cooperation of US and Russia may solve this issue for good.

This is the only and Best Way for this huge most complex destabilization of  Peace and Global Security into this Region to be solved and planned Peace to be established.

Then all these Syrian Refugees should be able to return to their home country and should be assisted to do so. Europe can not afford to get destabilized with all these questionable refugees.

Europe and mainly Greece face for the first time, after Ottoman Turks expansionism, the real threats which only well educated and knowledgeable Strategic Intelligence high professional may clearly see.

I urge US – Russia Cooperation to be established on the issues they may find common Ground and together uproot these threats and establish a strong shield to confront any further terrorists actions and provide Strategic Protection of Europe. 

This is my Dream to see!!! Believe me that if this is done as appropriately, without personal egoistic burdens, then will bring our new Western Alliance closer, Stronger and Bigger, ready to move to a new better Human Chapter.

There is much more common Ground for further cooperation with Russia, which actually is much closer to our Civilization and Culture as Russians are mainly Christians, who share our mainly same values, coming from  far back as the Ancient Greek Philosophers, who together with Christianity shaped the Western Civilization.

As a deep insider professional with cumulative experience of about half a century, I URGE you to do this job and leave behind any SPECIAL third kind interests. When we go for the Peace and Security, Freedom and Understanding as given by God and our Constitutions and Western Civilization nothing should become an obstacle.

U.S-Russia talks Syria

Source: Admiral Peter Kikareas PhD, CMAS
World Communicator For Peace and Security
Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc.
World Foundation For Peace and Security
Founder and President


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